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Clinical Evidence

Clinical summaries for stone management and prostate health therapies.

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If OR time is 60 minutes or greater there is a
3-fold increased risk of clinical complications¹



UAS placement reduces surgical time by 10.5 minutes and saves up to $350 in operating room costs per ureteroscopic procedure², but traditional UAS placement requires two guidewires and dual lumen catheters.

Using ReTrace® resulted in an additional minimum $100 savings* in OR time and additional product costs3

*Estimated costs and cost savings based on market value data.  Actual cost and cost savings may vary per procedure.


Holmium lasers have been shown to use up to 47% more laser time than TFL4

Using Coloplast TFL Drive resulted in 24% less procedure time

TFL positively impacts efficiency because it operates at a higher frequency while delivering energy more efficiently requiring less heat and power4*

*Data referenced was not obtained from testing on Coloplast TFL system




37% of stones are in the lower pole where many baskets can’t reach5

Damage from mechanical issues such as excessive torque/decreased flexion have been shown to cause 28% of scope repairs6

The annual cost of scope damage is $50,0007

Dormia® 1.5 is 12% smaller8 than a 1.7 basket improving access to the lower pole, where 37% of stones are located. This makes it possible to deflect the ureteroscope further without forcing, and with less stress.


Complications can impact daily activities and reduce quality of life of
60% of patients9

Encrustation and calcification accounted for 5% of long-term stent complications which leads to:

    • 29% stent removal9
    • 68% additional Lithotripsy and ureteroscopy urinary symptoms and pain7


ImaJin®Hydro is the only hydrophilic silicone stent in the US and in randomized comparative trials, it achieved:


reduction in biofilm formation11


more comfort10


less encrustation12

Additionally approved
for up to
months indwell


Stent Retrieval

Non-integrated reusable scopes require additional time and money averaging 4 hours per week and $10,000s in loss of revenue-generating procedures12*

Isiris® can reduce procedure time up to 12 minutes13 and over $8,000 in additional procedures

*Depending on site of service
*Based on 25 cystoscopies per week and 5 cystoscopies with stent removal per week/based on office-based facility fees

Key Findings

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ImaJin® Hydro Ureteral Stent demonstrated 25% more comfort compared to a leading competitors’s hydrophilic polymer stent.10

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20-Fr X-Flow® had irrigation flow 45% greater than the 24-Fr Gold Silicone-Coated Rusch®.14

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Coloplast 1.5 Fr Dormia Front allow better visualization by improving irrigation by 30% compared to competitor smallest frontal graspers.15

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