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ImaJin® Hydrophilic-Coated Silicone Ureteral Stent

More comfort
Less encrustation
Longer indwell

There’s a more comfortable option for your patients. Imagine fewer patient visits to the ER and fewer calls to your office. Discover how ImaJin® Hydro can help make life easier for your patients.

We invite you to start your free trial and experience for yourself how ImaJin® Hydro can help your stent patients.
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Proven performance

More comfortable*1
Clinical article summary
Less encrustation*2
Clinical article summary
Month indwell

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Learn more about ImaJin Hydro

Choosing the “Right” Stent
Dr. Ojas Shah
2018 WCE Symposium

Ureteral Stenting
Dr. Khurshid Ghani, MBChB, MS, FRCS
2022 Webinar

Patient-Centered Design

  • Constructed with soft silicone material
  • Clinically proven for greater patient comfort over leading competitor1
  • Greater resistance to encrustation than alternative materials2

Physician-Preferred Placement

  • Hydrophilic coating facilitates advancement up the ureter
  • Tapered tip to facilitate ease of access
  • Graduation markings allow for monitoring of stent advancement

Long-Term Implantation

  • Approved for indwell up to 12 months
  • Biocompatible material for prolonged ureteral placement
  • Shape memory loop to reduce risk of migration

ImaJin® Hydro Hydrophilic-Coated Silicone Stent Kit with Steerable Pusher

No Guidewire With Orchestra
Nitinol Guidewire
French Length
BCHF61 BCHS61 16
BCHF62 BCHS62 20
BCHF67 BCHS67 22
BCHF63 BCHS63 6 24
BCHF64 BCHS64 26
BCHF65 BCHS65 28
BCHF66 BCHS66 30
BCHF71 BCHS71 16
BCHF72 BCHS72 20
BCHF77 BCHS77 22
BCHF73 BCHS73 7 20
BCHF74 BCHS74 26
BCHF75 BCHS75 28
BCHF76 BCHS76 30
BCHF81 BCHS81 16
BCHF82 BCHS82 20
BCHF83 BCHS83 8 24
BCHF84 BCHS84 26
BCHF85 BCHS85 28
BCHF86 BCHS86 30

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