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Titan® Assembly Kit

User-friendly tools designed for
easier IPP implantation

Our latest innovation of the Titan Assembly Kit—powered by feedback from our physician customers—continues to deliver performance through new user-friendly tools designed for patient safety, ease of use, and OR efficiency.

You asked, we delivered

Greater than
of physicians believe utilizing the redesigned assembly kit
has improved their Titan IPP surgical experience.

Pusher – Features concave notch
designed to engage with Titan cylinder
base, aiding inproximal cylinder

Rigidity – Engineered to withstand
axial load during proximal cylinder

Textured surface – Improves user
grip during cylinder insertion

Protector – Designed to prevent
cylinder damage during suturing

Visibility – Blue color contrasts
withcylinders to aid in operative
field visibility

of physicians are
satisfied with the
pusher protector

of physicians are
satisfied with the
connector tool

Improves the user experience
when assembling connectors

RTE packaging designed with
sustainability in mind

Because less than 65% of Titan IPP cases require rear tip extenders, RTEs are now packaged separately from the rest of the Titan Assembly Kit—so you use only what you need, reducing OR waste.

As one of the world’s most sustainable corporations, Coloplast is continuously improving our environmental performance… and helping our customers do the same.

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.

Catalog # Description
519150 Titan Assembly Kit with Tools
519310 Titan Standard Rear Tip Extender Kit
519300 Titan Narrow Rear Tip Extender Kit