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X-Flow® Silicone Prostatic Catheters

X-Flow prostatic silicone catheters from Coloplast feature wide irrigation channels to prevent blocking and a clear catheter body to monitor and visualize post-operative fluid flow. The soft and biocompatible silicone material reduces the risk of latex allergies and may promote patient comfort. A variety of sizes and tip configurations allow caregivers to tailor care according to their patient’s needs.

Performance and Safety

  • Large bevel and eyes to ensure efficient drainage capacity
  • Wide irrigation and drainage channels to prevent blocking
  • Closed round tip for ease of placement of an introducer when needed
  • Clear catheter body to monitor drainage quality and visualize urine
  • All silicone, to avoid any risk of allergy or toxicity
  • Not manufactured with natural rubber latex

A range of tips designed to meet patient needs

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Ordering information

Balloon Volume Ways Tip 18Fr 20Fr 22Fr 24Fr
50 ml 3 Dufour AB6318 AB6320 AB6322 AB6324
Couvelaire AB6118 AB6120 AB6122 AB6124
Straight AB6018 AB6020 AB6022 AB6024
Delinotte AB6218 AB6220 AB6222 AB6224
2 Dufour AB6418 AB6420 AB6422 AB6424
Couvelaire AB6518 AB6520 AB6522 AB6524
30 ml 3 Dufour AB6A18 AB6A20 AB6A22 AB6A24
Straight AB6C18 AB6C20 AB6C22 AB6C24

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.