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Coloplast Guided Support

Personal support for men with erectile dysfunction (ED)

Helping men with ED find their way

Welcome to Coloplast Guided Support, a new era in helping ED patients find support.

For men who have been diagnosed with ED and have tried other treatment options already, Coloplast Guided Support provides easy access to phone support and live chat sessions, offering the human connection patients need on their journey to finding a long-term ED solution.

Prospective patients can access Coloplast Guided Support when they visit or, using the chat feature or completing the online survey.

Coloplast Guided Support
is here to help prospective patients:

Call or chat with a live person for guidance and support

Find a local specialist (like you!) who can help them regain control of their sexual health

Learn more about ED and penile implants, including the Titan® Inflatable Penile Implant

Hear from people who understand the journey, with Patient Educators and patient testimonials

How to prepare your office

With this new ED support program in place, your office may experience an increase in new patient calls, inquiries, and appointments. Here’s how to be prepared:

1-number Make sure your front desk team knows what to expect.

  • Calls will be coming in via warm transfer; the caller ID may display “[Coloplast GS]” or “[La Bombita Apoyo]” for Spanish-speaking callers.
  • Callers will be looking to schedule an appointment with an ED specialist and may want to learn more about the Titan® Inflatable Penile Implant
2-number Make sure visiting patients have easy access to brochures and educational materials.

  • If you need additional materials or supplies, please reach out to your local Coloplast representative!


Ensure people can find you

The Coloplast Guided Support team will have access to the Coloplast Physician Finder to help patients discover local, convenient ED specialists.

Make sure they can find you! Check your directory listing to ensure that your contact information is accurate. If you need to make updates, please notify your Coloplast representative.

For questions, concerns, or more information,
please reach out to your local Coloplast representative.