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ReTrace® Access Sheath

Ready, Set, ReTrace
Putting choice in your hands

retrace hero image

Unlimited access

ReTrace ensures usability in both traditional and single wire methods with ease

  • ReTrace secures access in one simple, repeatable step
  • Positioning and placement are easy with radiopaque introducer and ring
  • A white proximal funnel allows visualization of urine and
    irrigation colors
  • Reinforced structure ensures high kink-resistance
  • Perform a retrograde pyelogram with or without a guidewire in place

hydrophilic kink resistant

Working Guidewire Safety

Secure savings

With ReTrace, your procedure requires less tools and less time.

  • The single wire insertion technique of ReTrace eliminates the need for a dual lumen catheter and a second wire
  • ReTrace single wire placement minimizes the time and steps to perform the procedure compared to a standard access sheath

Health Econ ReTrace

Complete comfort

ReTrace is designed to respect your patient’s anatomy and prevent injury

  • Innovated to be more flexible than other access sheaths
  • A flexible tip design was created to negotiate difficult portions of the ureter
  • Hydrophilic coating facilitates placement in the procedure

flexible tip retrace

*Device images are not drawn to scale and are for illustrative purposes only

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.

Item Description Sales UOM EA / Sales UOM
ASXL10 10-12 Fr, 28 cm length Each 1 EA
ACXL10 10-12 Fr, 35 cm length Each 1 EA
AXXL10 10-12 Fr, 45 cm length Each 1 EA
ALXL10 10-12 Fr, 55 cm length Each 1 EA
ASXL12 12-14 Fr, 28 cm length Each 1 EA
ACXL12 12-14 Fr, 35 cm length Each 1 EA
AXXL12 12-14 Fr, 45 cm length Each 1 EA
ALXL12 12-14 Fr, 55 cm length Each 1 EA