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Orchestra® Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewires

Orchestra® guidewires are constructed with kink-resistant nitinol that provides turn-for-turn torque control and atraumatic navigation.  The hydrophilic-coated Orchestra® shaft reduces surface friction for easier advancement and withdrawal within the urinary tract.  The radiopaque outer jacket provides enhanced fluoroscopic visibility for accurate positioning.

Quick Look

Nitinol Shaft and Core

  • Turn-for-turn torque control for precise navigation, control, and positioning through tortuous anatomy
  • Ideal blend of stiffness and flexibility for effective and atraumatic navigation
  • Excellent kink resistance at maximum deflection

Hydrophilic-Coated Shaft

  • Reduces surface friction for ease of insertion, advancement, and withdrawal
  • Promotes rapid catheter and/or stent placement

Complete Range

  • Available in straight and angled tip designs to accommodate a variety of procedural requirements
  • Stiff shaft options designed for easier advancement of devices and to straighten tortuous anatomy

Ordering Information

Orchestra® Nitinol Guidewire
Item Shaft Diameter Tip Length (cm) Sales UOM EA / Sales UOM
AEAD35 Standard 0.035″ Straight 150 Retail Box 5 EA
AEAE35 Standard 0.035″ Angled 150 Retail Box 5 EA
AECD35 Stiff 0.035″ Straight 150 Retail Box 5 EA
AECE35 Stiff 0.035″ Angled 150 Retail Box 5 EA

Orchestra® Brief Statement

The hydrophilic guidewire is intended to facilitate the placement of devices through the urinary tract during endourologic procedures.

The hydrophilic guidewire is not intended for use other than for endourologic procedures.

Warnings and Precautions
The hydrophilic guidewire should be used only by a physician, who is well trained in manipulation and observation of guidewires.

Perforation of the ureter is a risk connected with the use of a guidewire. It is advisable to proceed slowly and with caution to avoid it, inserting the guidewire flexible tip first.

When using a drug or a device concurrently with the wire, the operator should have a full understanding of the properties/characteristics of the drug or device so as to avoid damage to the hydrophilic guidewire.

Reuse, reprocessing or resterilization may compromise the structural integrity of the device and/or lead to device failure which, in turn, may result in patient injury, illness or death.

The information provided is not comprehensive with regard to product risks. For a comprehensive listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse events refer to the product’s Instructions for Use. Alternatively, you may contact a Coloplast representative at 1-800-258-3476 and/or visit the company website at

Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
Minneapolis, MN

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Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.