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Altis® Single Incision Sling

Confidence & Control
For you and your patients




An estimated 53.6 million women in the U.S. suffer from stress urinary incontinence or mixed urinary incontinence.1

Some women feel too embarrassed or that their incontinence isn’t severe enough to see a physician, while others aren’t aware of their treatment options, meaning too many women aren’t getting the life-changing help they need. Less than 1% go onto have surgery,2 despite low quality of life, including depression and anxiety.3

More than an inconvenience

Urinary Incontinence can have profound impacts on a woman’s life.

of women with SUI adopt precautionary routines to reduce the chance of leaking in public4

of working-aged women with SUI avoid sexual activity4


of women with SUI experience anxiety or depression3,5


for SUI decreased anxiety by 1/2 and depression by 2/33


Certain concerns may cause women to choose a less invasive option

concerns-sling surgery vs non-invasive SUI procedures

When initially being offered the option of bulking versus a midurethral sling (MUS), 50% of women preferred bulking vs. 35% to MUS.

However, when they heard the difference in efficacy, 30% preferred bulking and 55% preferred MUS.6


The real-life advantages of single incision slings

Help your patients move beyond the limits of short-term solutions
to experience long-term success with a better experience.



Similar results, better patient experience

According to the NEJM, single incision slings were found to have similar rates of objective success and patient-reported success to full length slings.8



Compared to full length slings:

Better Patient Experience

  • Women with single incision slings had less post-op pain up to 14 days.8
  • Compared to full length slings, women receiving single incision slings were able to return to normal activities on average 5 days sooner.9
  • Minimally Invasive
    Single incision slings involve fewer incisions and less tissue trauma than traditional full length slings and can be implanted under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting.9
  • Sexual Function
    Studies have shown there may be an improvement in sexual function for both single incision slings and full length slings.10

Less Procedure & Hospital Time

  • Single incision sling procedure patients are associated with 5% less procedure time and 26% less post-op recovery time.8
  • Better Post-Op Voiding Results
    Higher rates of postoperative voiding dysfunction are associated with retropubic slings.8


  • Single incision slings reported less bladder and urethral injury during surgery, with comparable results to full length slings in number of post-operative serious adverse events.8

Change perceptions. Change lives. Altis® is your alternative.

The control you need.
The confidence you want.
The choice your patients deserve.

The Altis® Single Incision Sling System is a unique, minimally invasive solution purposefully designed to provide predictable placement and adjustable control. This makes the procedure straightforward, accurate and repeatable.


One incision. Less tissue trauma. Speed up procedure time and deliver a better patient experience.9

Patented, lightweight mesh is the thinnest and most flexible available, allowing support of the urethra.11


Patented helical introducer makes the surgical procedure straightforward, accurate and reproducible.11

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Place the device, then control the adjustable tensioning.11

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The most
rigorously studied
single incision sling in the U.S.

At 24 months, the Altis Single Incision Sling is comparable to full length retropubic and transobturator slings and is the only sling to have a premarket IDE and 522 study.11

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