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Titan® Penile Implants

Performance from the operating room
to the bedroom

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Find the right implant for more patients

The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is increasing among men meaning more patients may be seeking a long-term solution.

Inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP) surgery is a big step, and both you and your patient want to make sure it goes smoothly and meets expectations for a satisfying outcome. Complex patient populations can result in a higher likelihood of complications which means as a physician you have a lot to consider when choosing the right implant for your patient.

Operating room considerations

Up to
of IPP patients are diabetic, which can almost double the risk of infection.1,2


Up to
of IPP patients had previous pelvic surgery/trauma which may lead to a higher risk of penile shortening and could require special considerations for reservoir placement.4,5

Up to
of IPP patients had Peyronie’s disease, increasing risk of device malfunction and penile shortening—reducing functionality and post-op satisfaction rates by 7%.1,3,5

30% revision surgeries

Approximately 30% of IPPs implanted in 2021 were revision surgeries, also increasing likelihood of infection among other possible complications.5,6

*Note that many etiologies are concomitant and will not equal 100%

Bedroom considerations

Along with complexities in the operating room there are patient concerns that carry into the bedroom.

The number one concern among patients is decrease in penile size
of of patients endorse loss of length even in absence of measurable evidence.5,8

Patient dissatisfaction after surgery accounts for approximately
of malpractice claims against surgeons, with average payouts in urology of around $319,000.5,7

Titan® IPP satisfaction rate
IPPs have a high satisfaction rate for both patients and their partners.9

Coloplast Titan® IPP:
Built to perform.
Designed to satisfy.

Titan IPP provides performance in both the operating room and the bedroom. Titan IPP is designed to overcome complications, address patient satisfaction, and allow you to serve the diverse needs of more patients that walk through your door.

Titan IPP performance in the operating room

OR performance

Technology that’s designed and engineered for performance

power of choice

Power of choice

HydroVANTAGE hydrophilic coating absorbs an aqueous solution of physician’s choice on submerging the device in the solution.

cylinder diameters

Tailored fit

Because there’s a wide variety in the male anatomy, Titan IPP is available in a wide range of standard and narrow sizes so you can choose the right fit for each patient.

Cylinder diameters are not shown to scale.
*AMS 700™ is a trademark of Boston Scientific Corporation.

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Titan IPP performance in the bedroom

performance bedroom

Performance that satisfies so your patients can rediscover their confidence and get back to a healthy sex life

compared to AMS 700 CX IPP

Maximizing girth may lead to increased partner stimulation and satisfaction.


compared to AMS 700 LGX IPP

Increased rigidity reduces the chance of buckling during sex.


compared to AMS 700 CX IPP

Enhanced penetration performance for more confidence in a variety of sexual positions so patients can feel uninhibited.

*AMS 700 is a trademark of Boston Scientific Corporation

titan penile implant pumps

Two pump designs to better suit patient needs

The tried-and-true Titan pump has decades of experience, and the Titan Touch Pump offers simplified deflation with less force required to trigger device inflation.

soft molded tip and valve

Soft-molded tips

For a more natural feel that more closely resemble human corporal tip.

Lock-out valve

keeps the patient in control by preventing the embarrassment of unintended auto-inflation.

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.

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