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Soprano® Hybrid Guidewire

Start on a high note

Set yourself up for success with the
Soprano® hybrid guidewire from Coloplast


Tuned for peak performance

The hydrophilic flexible tip reduces surface friction, and its round distal tip creates a lubricious surface for ease of insertion and navigation.

Soprano® Dual Flex
The Soprano Dual Flex features a flexible proximal end designed to ease passage and to minimize the risk of scope damage.

Pitch perfect design

The hydrophilic-coated tip of the Soprano hybrid guidewire is designed not only to ease insertion and instrument passage, but also to enhance responsiveness, maneuverability and precision in navigation. The core provides an ideal blend of stiffness and flexibility, for effective torque and enhanced control.

Ordering information

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Soprano Hybrid Guidewire Diameter (inch) Length (cm) Tip Item
Soprano 0.035″ 150 cm Straight AEHA35
Soprano Dual Flex 0.035″ 150 cm Straight AEHB35
5 per box

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