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NovoFlow™ Reinforced Ureteral Stent

NovoFlow™ reinforced ureteral stent features a reinforced layer compared to Vortek® ureteral stents. This layer allows for passing through stricture and has an excellent resistance to compression. There are no drainage holes on the straight section to prevent tumoral tissue ingrowth, and is designed to maintain flow rate through ureteral stenosis or tumoral compressions.


  • The material of choice designed to maintain flow rate, particularly in the case of passing though narrow ureteral stenosis or tumoral compressions
  • No drainage holes on the straight section of the stent to prevent tumoral tissue ingrowth
  • Up to 6 months indwell

Resistance to

  • Inner layer is reinforced compared to standard Vortek® Ureteral Stents
  • The reinforced layer offers an excellent resistance to compression
  • Design allows for passing through stricture



  • Dual durometer stent for easy insertion and placement while retaining good flexibility for patient comfort
  • Two-layer structure makes it easy to insert
  • Tapered tip to ease access
  • Shape memory loop to prevent risk of migration

Ordering Information

NovoFlow™ Reinforced Ureteral Stent without guidewire

Item French Length (cm) Sales UOM EA / Sales UOM
BCCJ74 7 26cm 1 EA
BCCJ75 7 28cm 1 EA
BCCJ76 7 30cm 1 EA
BCCJ84 8 26cm 1 EA
BCCJ85 8 28cm 1 EA
BCCJ86 8 30cm 1 EA

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.