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Furlow Insertion Tool

Reliable. Reusable. Responsible.

Performance you can count on, case after case

There are a lot of considerations when choosing the right products for your penile prosthesis surgical cases. The Furlow tool you choose is no exception. Physicians and hospitals need to balance ease of use and patient safety with cost and sustainability. Coloplast can help solve that equation, with the reusable and “reinnovated” Furlow tool.


Ease of use and patient safety

Physicians want a Furlow device that doesn’t catch on tissue and can accommodate longer anatomies. Coloplast delivers a solution designed to perform reliably in the OR.



A reusable Furlow tool can reduce hospital waste, a key landfill culprit. As one of the world’s most sustainable corporations, Coloplast is continuously improving our environmental performance…and helping our customers do the same.4


Economic value

With a disposable Furlow, you may be literally throwing away hundreds of dollars with each case; the cost of sterilizing a reusable one is less than $1.002

The cost savings of using a reusable Furlow tool

The difference in cost between a disposable Furlow tool and a reusable one is only $200-3001


The cost of a reusable Furlow tool in some instance is made up in only two surgical cases1


A disposable Furlow can cost hundreds of dollars, while the cost of sterilization is approximately $0.77 per instrument2


The reusable Furlow tool can reduce hospital waste

Up to
of hospital waste is
contributed by the OR2


US healthcare produces
5 million
tons of waste annually and is the 2nd largest contributor to landfills behind the food industry2


Healthcare makes up
of US greenhouse gas emissions and surgery is especially resource intensive3


The new Coloplast Furlow Insertion Tool is designed to perform reliably
while protecting the environment and your bottom line.

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.

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