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Dormia® DualPerc PCNL Basket

Two solutions.

One move.

Discover the power of simplicity with Dormia DualPerc. Uniquely engineered to transform complex percutaneous stone retrieval into a single, efficient action.

This is advanced care, simplified.

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Maximize efficiency. Minimize waste.

Dormia DualPerc streamlines PCNL procedures with its ‘one & done’ approach

This single device embodies procedural efficiency and operational excellence, simplifying surgical processes. Its dual-purpose
design minimizes waste and optimizes inventory.

Small steps. Big impact.

  • Reduced waste and inventory optimization: Minimize waste and optimize inventory with Dormia DualPerc’s dual-purpose design
  • Operational savings: 2-in-1 device design switches to and from rigid to flexible basket configurations based on the surgeon’s choice and needs during the procedure
  • Enhanced procedural versatility: Smaller diameters than other percutaneous extractors allow Dormia DualPerc to adapt to a wider range of PCNL procedures

See it, remove it.

  • Mini-PCNL innovation: The 4.8Fr Dormia DualPerc is the first stone retrieval basket designed for mini-PCNL
  • Enabling stone-free rates: Dual-purpose rigid and flexible design enables immediate removal of residual fragments



Stainless-steel cannula

  • Rounded distal tip for smoother contact with tissue and instrument designed to minimize trauma

Silicone marker

  • Moveable depth marker to indicate working position defined by the operator and provide visual aid throughout the procedure

Flexible mandrel

  • Diameter and mandrel permit full deflection of the cytoscope during stone extraction

Ergonomic handle

  • Transform from rigid to flexible and vice versa
  • Fatigue resistant material

Nitinol basket

  • Super elasticity and maximum shape memory
  • 4 wires cage for capture and retrieval of stones of different sizes and volumes
  • Tipless design for direct contact against tissues with minimal trauma
  • Specific design for adapted opening in small cavities

It’s not just efficient – it’s your practice, optimized.

Together in care_

At Coloplast, we’re dedicated to improving patient care with innovative solutions that simplify complex procedures. Our commitment goes beyond products; Together, we’re achieving healthcare excellence.

Partner to put patients first.

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Ordering information

Item Description Rigid Shaft Length Rigid Shaft Diameter Flexible Shaft Length Flexible Shaft Diameter Basket Size Sales UOM EA/Sales UOM
EXP448 Dormia DualPerc Stone Extractor 4.8Fr 35 cm 4.8Fr 64 cm 3Fr 12.5 mm BX 5
EXP470 Dormia DualPerc Stone Extractor 7Fr 35 cm 7Fr 64 cm 3Fr 12.5 mm BX 5

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.