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Biosoft® Duo Double Loop Ureteral Stents

Biosoft® Duo is Coloplast’s softer go-to ureteral stent that combines firmness with flexibility. The flexible biocompatible polymer of Biosoft softens at body temperature and is softer than Vortek® stents allowing for patient comfort. The loops on the proximal and distal end have excellent shape memory that prevents risk of migration during indwell.  Biosoft duo stents are radiopaque for visualization under fluoroscopy and packaged with a unique steerable pusher that enables precise stent placement.

Biosoft duo was designed for easy insertion, while retaining great flexibility for patient comfort. Produced by coextrusion of a flexible material and a rigid material.

Indwelling time of up to 6 months

The Biosoft® difference

In an observational, retrospective, multicenter study at mean indwell time approximately 20 weeks, Biosoft demonstrated a lower (5.5%) severe encrustation rate than the rate estimated at the same time from literature (11%)1

Biosoft is well tolerated in daily practice, while showing long term integrity as reported in literature.

  • Biosoft® Duo is composed of a soft polymer blend for enhanced patient comfort
  • Shape memory to prevent risk of migration during indwell

Dual-layer design for easy placement and patient comfort

  • Firm inner layer for easy insertion and placement into the ureter
  • Thermosensitive outer layer softens at body temperature for increased patient comfort

Procedural control you can count on

  • Radiopaque for visualization under fluoroscopy
  • Packaged with a unique steerable positioner enables precise stent placement

Kit composition:

  • Steerable pusher, with or without radiopaque ring
  • Choice of with or without guidewire
  • Individually packaged

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Ordering information

With Seldinger
Guidewire 0.035″
1 Each 1 Each
6 20 BCAA62 BCAF62
22 BCAA67 BCAF67
24 BCAA63 BCAF63
26 BCAA64 BCAF64
28 BCAA65 BCAF65
30 BCAA66 BCAF66
7 20 BCAA72 BCAF72
22 BCAA77 BCAF77
24 BCAA73 BCAF73
26 BCAA74 BCAF74
28 BCAA75 BCAF75
30 BCAA76 BCAF76
8 26 BCAA84 BCAF84
28 BCAA85 BCAF85
30 BCAA86 BCAF86
9 26 BCAA94
28 BCAA95
30 BCAA96

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.