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Torosa® Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis

Empowering Survivors Beyond the Standard

It’s more than cosmetic. For testicular cancer survivors, the physical and emotional trauma from the removal of a testicle may result in long-lasting feelings of loss, uneasiness or shame. Simply providing the option for a testicular prosthesis may help alleviate these effects and assist in their overall recovery


Restoring confidence after cancer

Testicular prostheses have been reported by numerous investigators to result in psychological benefits and high levels of patient satisfaction.


A testicular implant may help alleviate feelings of loss, uneasiness, and shame resulting from orchiectomy. It is designed to help restore a more natural look and feel of the testicles in the scrotum. Discussing a testicular implant early in patient consultation and considering concurrent placement may reduce the emotional impact of orchiectomy and assist patients in their overall recovery.


Beyond the standard

Clinical studies recommend all patients undergoing orchiectomy should be offered a testicular implant, regardless of age. Adopting this “new standard” in your practice can help empower survivors through shared decision-making about their life after cancer.

Offering an implant

It matters. While nearly all testicular cancer patients say they would want to be offered the option of an implant, less than half of them are.

believe it’s “important” to be offered one, whether they accept it or not1

report improved body image after testicular prosthesis placement.2


of Torosa testicular prosthesis patients reported a high level of patient satisfaction in core clinical studies3

Testicular Cancer Patients

have 20% higher Risk of Suicide than the general population

of survivors say they missed their removed testicles

have feelings of uneasiness or shame about their body

are less interested
in sex than they
used to be

experience reduction
in sexual activity

Beating cancer is just the beginning

When a person is diagnosed with testicular cancer, removing the cancer by orchiectomy is often the primary focus for both the
patient and their doctor. While survival is the focus, physical and emotional recovery are important. Survivorship goes beyond
surgery, to helping these patients move forward and thrive in their life after cancer treatment and orchiectomy.

The implant you can trust for your patients

As the only FDA-approved testicular implant on the market, Torosa testicular prosthesis has been rigorously
tested and clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment for your patients.

Testicular prostheses are safe to implant at the time of orchiectomy for testicular cancer. Torosa can be implanted with
few complications and with a low or absent risk of rheumatological disease.


• Features molded silicone elastomer shell

• Available in 4 sizes to meet the needs of
adult, adolescent, and pediatric patients
(see A & B dimensions on sizing guide)

• Suture tab enables secure placement of the
device in a set position, if desired, eliminating
unwanted movement within the scrotum

• Self-sealing injection port allows for filling
the device with sterile saline solution


Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.

This product may be ordered directly from Coloplast. Our sizing guide will assist you in determining the best size for your patient.


Size Order Number Dimension A Dimension B Lower Limit Over Fill Volume Range Upper Limit Over Fill Volume Range Lower Limit Final Fill Volume Range Upper Limit Final Fill Volume Range
Extra Small 450-1323 2.2 cm 3.0 cm 7 cc 9 cc 5 cc 6 cc
Small 450-1325 2.5 cm 3.5 cm 10 cc 12 cc 8 cc 9 cc
Medium 450-1327 2.7 cm 4.0 cm 13 cc 15 cc 11 cc 12 cc
Large 450-1329 2-9 cm 4.5 cm 17 cc 19 cc 19 cc 16 cc