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Pyelostent® Ureteral Stent

Double loop ureteral stents for pyeloplasty

Pyelostent® is a specialty silicone ureteral stent used for drainage of upper urinary tract and ureter healing during management of localized stenosis of ureteropelvic junction. Pyelostent® is constructed of biocompatible silicone which has demonstrated greater patient comfort compared to alternative materials1.

Indwelling time of up to 12 months

Reinforced and long-term implantation

  • 8 Fr body widens to 12 Fr in the renal pelvis section
  • 12/Fr reinforced renal pelvis part for better healing/li>
  • 8 Fr loops for patient comfort

Enhanced patient comfort

  • Comprised of soft, smooth silicone material which has demonstrated greater patient comfort compared to competitor stents1
  • Shape memory loop to reduce the risk of migration

Ease of placement and withdrawal

  • Inserted and removed like a traditional double-loop stent
  • Gradual marketings to confirm stent advancement
  • Radiopaque to facilitate stent placement

Kit composition:

  • Steerable pusher
  • Fixed core 0.035” guidewire

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Ordering information

1 Each
8/12 26 AJ4Y84
28 AJ4Y85
30 AJ4Y86

Ordering information

For ordering information, please call 800-258-3476.