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Nitinol Stone Baskets


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Endourology your way

As a physician, you know that every patient is different. Their unique need and stone burden dictate the optimal procedure. That’s why it’s crucial to have products that give you the freedom to chart your course of action for each case – and the flexibility to execute it to the best of your abilities.

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A clear advantage

Using larger instruments means less room for scope irrigation and less visibility inside the kidneys and ureter. Dormia® offers basket sizes as small as 1.5 Fr. which may allow better visualization by improving irrigation.

Dormia Improved Visibility

Easier on your scopes and your bottom line

Large-diameter baskets can cause unnecessary wear to flexible ureteroscopes, which can result in frequent repairs and OR downtime. With smaller sizes and better deflection, Dormia baskets may allow scopes to last longer, with potentially lower annual repair costs.


Take the path of least resistance

Dormia baskets are made of flexible, kink-resistant nitinol, allowing for improved deflection, precision and efficient capture. Smaller basket sizes make it possible to deflect the ureteroscope further without forcing, access more places in the collecting system, and remove stones with less stress.

Dormia Degrees of Deflection

Having the power to choose the right products for each procedure and patient is crucial to your success. Every day, we’re building on our 25-year legacy of progress – reshaping and redefining endourology care, leveraging new technologies and innovative materials to help increase efficiencies and improve outcomes. Because at Coloplast, we’re here to help you make life easier for your patients.

Product Details

With Dormia®, Coloplast offers you a range of baskets designed for efficient stone capture, while taking into account different patient anatomies plus stress and wear on your scope. Compared to larger competitive devices Dormia® has less impact on your scope’s deflection1 and sizing that provides superior irrigation and visibility.

Innovative materials, design and engineering expertise, product selection, unwavering sales support – it all adds up to the freedom to do endourology your way.

Dormia No-Tip Flat wire design

Tipless design for closer proximity to calculi with minimal trauma, reducing bleeding and maintaining a clear working field.

Diameter Length Basket Size Quantity Product Code
1.5 Ch/Fr 120 cm 9 mm 1/box EXN934
2.2 Ch/Fr 120 cm 11 mm 1/box EXN734

Dormia Front Frontal design

Snare-like stone catching device combines the advantages of a grasper and a basket, with a frontal tip opening.

Diameter Length Basket Size Quantity Product Code
1.5 Ch/Fr 120 cm 8 mm 1/box DOF158
1.5 Ch/Fr 120 cm 11 mm 1/box DOF151
2 Ch/Fr 120 cm 8 mm 1/box DOF208
2 Ch/Fr 120 cm 11 mm 1/box DOF201

Dormia No-Tip Twisted wire design

Tipless basket for efficient capture and controlled release, with minimal risk of trauma.

Diameter Length Basket Size Quantity Product Code
3 Ch/Fr 90 cm 14 mm 1/box EXN434

Dormia N. Stone Helical design

Four-wire construction for effective stone retention in a helical design.

Diameter Length Basket Size Quantity Product Code
2.5 Ch/Fr 90 cm 12.5 mm 1/box EXT624
3 Ch/Fr 90 cm 15 mm 1/box EXT424
4 Ch/Fr 90 cm 15 mm 1/box EXT224

Ordering information

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