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Altis Delivers

Time After Time

Most rigorously studied single incision sling, now supported by even more clinical research.


Patient after patient. Visit after visit. Three years of convincing data. Put your trust in Altis, the minimally invasive sling that can help your patients move beyond the daily limits of short-term solutions to experience long-term gains. The latest evidence shows at 36 months, Altis continues to perform similarly to full length retropubic and transobturator slings in treating stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Altis demonstrates similar performance in safety and efficacy1–delivering the proof you want and the solution your patients need.

Time after time

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Altis 522 Post-Market Surveillance Study Design

Prospective, multi-center,
nonrandomized study

Women underwent
sling procedures


Different sites (US & Canada)

Slings Tested

Single Incision Sling:

Full length retropubic
& transobturator slings

Timeframe Observed

Altis 522 Study Patient Demographics2

Convincing Results.

Time After Time

Altis performs similarly to full length retropubic and transobturator slings in:



Patient Satisfaction

Proven Safety.

Time After Time

The safety of your patients is your top priority and Altis consistently delivers. Designed to make procedures straight-forward, accurate and repeatable3,1, Altis demonstrated similar safety results to full length slings in the 36 month study.

Altis clinical performance data should provide the reassurance needed for your patients.


Altis vs Comparator

Device and/or procedure related serious adverse events (SAE)

Data for the treated population are presented as the number of subjects (%)

Compared to full length retropubic and transobturator slings, Altis:

  • Had similarly low rates of device and/or procedure related serious adverse events
  • Zero cases of mesh exposure, extrusion or erosion

Proven Effectiveness.

Time After Time

Altis provides the certainty you need with outcomes you expect. Data through 36 months reinforces reliability over time with Altis reporting similar efficacy as full length retropubic and transobturator slings. This evidence is more proof that Altis allows your patients to move beyond the limits of short-term solutions to experience long-term success.

87.1% Altis®

CST demonstrated Altis was similar to retropubic and transobturator slings (p<0.001)

Altis performed similarly to the Comparator arm at every study visit and rates of negative CST remained above 80% for both groups.


The rate of Altis patients with dry pad weight was similar to patients in the Comparator arm through 36 months.

Proven Satisfaction.

Time After Time

Altis is changing womens’ lives. Day in and day out. According to the latest research, Altis and full length sling patients had a high degree of satisfaction with their surgery. With an SUI treatment that’s more efficient and less invasive4, your patients need to know about the Altis alternative—and deserve a choice in their care.

checkmark-icon Patients had a high degree of satisfaction with their surgery5
checkmark-icon Pain decreased similarly5

  • De novo dyspareunia related to procedure
    and/or device
  • Pelvic/urogenital pain (groin)
checkmark-icon Improvement in quality of life and return to normal increased similarly5
checkmark-icon No difference in satisfaction in the amount of time to return to daily activities and work5

The Power of Altis.

Time After Time

One incision. Less tissue trauma. Speed up procedure time and deliver a better patient experience.3,4

Patented, flexible, lightweight mesh is the thinnest available, allowing support of the urethra.3

Patented helical introducer makes the surgical procedure straightforward, accurate and reproducible.3

Place the device, then control the adjustable tensioning.3

50+ publications. 3,000+ patients studied. The only sling
with a pre-market IDE and completed 522 study.

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