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K-Box® Ureteroscopy Simulator

K-Box® is a comprehensive flexible ureteroscopy simulator for training in Endourology. This bench-top training model consists of four independent boxes with a unique set of cavities that mimic areas of the collecting system. These boxes combine to form a model that allows trainees to practice orientation, stone basketing, endoscope manipulation, and laser lithotripsy.

Clinically-Simulated Training

  • Improves orientation skills of endourology trainees
  • Step-by-step simulation of the placement of a guidewire and access sheath
  • Lowers the learning curve of stone manipulation
  • Improves coordination skills with assistant

Endoscope and Laser Lithotripsy Training

  • Stress-free practice of common ureteroscope maneuvers such as: rotation, deflection, advancement, and withdrawal
  • When filled with water trainees can conduct laser lithotripsy on the practice “stones” included in the accessory tray

What’s in the box?

  • Four independent training boxes each with a unique set of cavities mimicking areas of the collecting system
  • Accessory tray which includes vials of various-sized “stones” for laser lithotripsy and stone basketing
  • Packaged in a durable, easy-to-carry transport case

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Ordering information

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